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IVOA is changed ... it became IVOA!!!

Many of you will think that I’m going crazy, but if you have the patience to read the whole text maybe you’ll change your mind.

IVOA has changed, it became a full-fledged Association with its own legal and fiscal entity. It required a lot of work of the members of the management group: meetings with tax consultants, accountants and lawyers, trying to find the best way from the point of view of the Association structure.

The old management group has been replaced by a Board of Directors, which will serve until the next General Meeting of the members that will elect the new BD for a term of three years.

The last months were very though, but with great tenacity we kept managing the relationship with the Public Administration and its complex rules and laws and we now see the light at the end of the tunnel. We are now IVOA – APS, where APS stands for Social Promotion Association, a non-profit association form.

We are working on new registration methods and you can update by following the Association’s Facebook and Instagram pages during the next weeks.

Our Congress is scheduled for November 29th to December 4th, 2021, and the program includes the meeting of the members and therefore the election of the new CD: it’s very important to be present. The precongress workshops are scheduled on 2 and 3 December and will be carried out in an innovative way. Please set the date.

IVOA is changed … it became International.

You may have noticed it on our Facebook page.

Numerous foreign speakers took part to the June Congress last year and many colleagues followed the event from all over the world. We’re proud of this. Exchanging of ideas has always been the spirit of our Association. In this aspect IVOA did not change. The most relevant difference will be given by the fact that foreign colleagues are encourage to attend, and everyone will have the option to present. To increase the dissemination of information, the use of English is recommended.

The International Veterinary Orthopedic Association (IVOA) is finally a reality, it is now up to us make it grow in the best way, and for this I urge you to participate to the life of the Association by sharing your ideas, your experiences and, why not, even your criticisms.

Well, I suppose I have finished introducing the new creature, so I wish you all the best, but before leaving let me thank all those who have worked in these months for being able to say now “Welcome IVOA”.

Management group

Gian Luca Rovesti

President of the Association

Gian Luigi Manara

Vice-president of the Association

Amato Violini

Treasury manager

Fabio Barbieri

Councilor of the association

Roberto Tamburro

Scientific manager

Massimo Barilli

Project manager

Riccardo Barcucci

Project manager

Davide Benedini

Project manager

Federico Ape

Project manager

Gianluca Nocco

Project manager

Associazione Ortopedica Veterinaria Internazionale APS

Via della Costituzione 10 42025 CAVRIAGO (RE)

P. IVA 02928330352 – C. F. 91185990354

E-Mail: segreteria@aovi.education

Tel. +39 333 855 0923